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Dom Juan - Domino's


Campaign New Thinking Award Winner 2018

Webby Awards - Chat Bot Shortlist 2019

Brief: Increase sales on Valentine's Day, one of Domino's biggest sales days of the year.

Campaign: Valentine's Day is all about those who are loved up, but what about those who are single? Introducing the UK’s first ever branded Tinder chat bot; Dom Juan, the Pizza Casanova. Launching in Tinder on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, singles matched with him in order to start a conversation of ‘cheesy’ or ‘doughmantic’ chat-up lines to try on their real matches, and hopefully find true love in the process.

We made Campaign's Ad of the Day #JustSayin'.

Plus, sourced the one and only internet sensation, Cian Twomey, one of the biggest influencers around with nearly 1m followers on the Gram, and over 5m followers on Facebook.

I assisted with amplification also wrote a blog post (yes, they still do exist) which I thought was pretty funny, take a look.

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